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First Contact:
Selling Haxe to clients and developers

Worldwide Haxe Conference (WWX), Paris France, April 2012

We all understand the power, reach and potential of Haxe as a language and a development platform. Clearly communicating these strengths to your organisation and clients is vital to the growth and success of the platform.
To the ears of decision makers, Haxe sounds like risk. Just another "write once, run anywhere" pipe dream they've never heard of that will cost them time and money.

As ambassadors to this new world we take on the responsibility of first contact - introducing, educating and convincing them on the strengths and weaknesses of Haxe. Showing them the light.

Introduction to Haxe

Adobe Platform Users Group Sydney Nov 2011

HaXe (pronounced as hex) allows existing Flash and JavaScript developers to write once and compile out to Flash, JavaScript and Native runtimes simultaneously.

David, Dean and Dom from Massive Interactive will introduce you to HaXe and demonstrate how easy it is get to start developing multi-platform applications that leverage your existing Flash and/or JavaScript libraries and can run across Flash, JavaScript, C++, Native Android and iOS and much more.

Introduction to Haxe

SydJS July 2011

An introduction to HaXe, what it looks like, how to target multiple platforms and where to start for writing multi-platform user interfaces.

There is no platform.
Write once, run everywhere with HaXe

WebDU April 2011

An overview of haXe and how to leverage it for rapid development of cross platform, multi-device rich user interfaces.